Tekoa Mountain Kennels

Eric and Mardelle Mauck
15150 SE 262nd Avenue - PO Box 877
Boring, Oregon 97009
(503) 663-4044 Office / 663-2115 Fax
780-4969 Eric / 663-4044 Mardelle

Breeder of 11X CH Tekoa Mountain Sunrise
Home of 5X CH Tekoa Mountain Patriot

Quality Horses Available


Tekoa Mountain Royalty - " R E D "
Foaled July 24, 2007
Registered Tennessee Walker Gelding
RED is a solid four beat and smooth gaited kind of ride.
His purpose is to entertain with his ability to read the country
and impress you with his wit and humor.
He is a "one-person-only" kind of horse that loves people attention.
He would be perfect for an experienced rider that loves to hit the Big Country.
I don't ride much any more and RED is too great to be a pasture ornament.

Tekoa's New Tradition - " SNOOK "
Foaled May 15th, 2015
Registered Black Roan McCurdy Plantation Gelding

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