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It is our mission at Tekoa Mountain to select handsome, even tempered, strong, athletic, gaited colts or geldings for success in our horse program. We enjoy the training of several "Pleasure Style" Tennessee Walking, Kentucky Mountain, Missouri Fox Trotter and McCurdy horses.

We enjoy raising, training, and riding these gaited horses and look forward to welcoming a new project into the group each spring.

Horses are hobbled, sacked with blankets, sweatshirts, string and ropes, saddled ... leather fenders & stirrups tossed and pulled.

Horses are taught to gently take the bit, trust their handler, give to pressure, create forward motion and drive. Also, during this stage, the sacking continues from the saddle and bareback riding begins.

Mounting from both sides is as necessary as training both sides of each horse.

FINALLY, the riding will begin and another fine Tekoa horse is on his way!

All riding horses readily jump into an open-stock trailer and stand to tie. Some horses are just happy to stand and don't care if they are tied at all!

All riding horses have been shod, clipped, brand inspected, Health and Coggins tested, and have completed all necessary Vet. work. Each year in May, Tekoa hosts a "Veterinarian Party" to welcome all horses needing shots, castrations, floats, wolf teeth pulls, worming and any general health care necessary.

Two licensed Veterinarians perform all horse work as trailers flow evenly through Tekoa Mountain Farms.

Plenty of hours in the saddle develops these naturally gaited horses. Time on the trails and practice in the field trials has created some of the finest horses at Tekoa Mountain Farms! It is our pleasure to develop safe, strong and healthy horses for ourselves and for others to enjoy.

It is also our responsibility to clearly represent our horses and insure our reputation for success in matching the right horse with their new owner.

Visit our Horses Sold pages to view our horses that have found a good home.

Thank you for reading about our horse program.

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