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Feedback about "Patriot" & "Ginger" Puppies

    " Day's Mr. OZ "

  • Pup #1: Tricolor Male
  • Sire: Tekoa Mountain Patriot
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Nicquel
  • Temperament: Active!
  • Whelped: 01-24-06
    " Day's Samy Boy "
(See Patriot--Other Females)
  • Pup #1: Tricolor Male
  • Sire: Tekoa Mountain Patriot
  • Dam: Cain's Complete Ecstacy
  • Temperament: Nice
  • Whelped: 05-20-02
Owned by: Rhett & Laura Day of Palm Desert, California (email Rhett)

Day's Mr. Oz Day's Mr. Oz Day's Mr. Oz

Hi Mardelle & Eric:

Oz registered name is Day's Mr. Oz. Sam's name is Day's Samy Boy. One M on Samy! This is on honor of my fathers registering our first Sam in 1960 and misspelling his name. I felt compelled to keep the tradition. Sam is the most handsome setter we have ever had. He is big and strong. When he is in the field he is all business. He is very intelligent hitting all of the targets and using the wind direction to dictate his approach. Oz is still developing and promises to be a superior setter. Oz has demonstrated independence in the field and has never followed Sam since he was three months old. Oz demonstrates grace in his field work. Oz has displayed a keen nose and instinct as well as being a natural backer.

Having had 9 generations of setters in our family, I never thought I would live to see the day we had a dog that would not have to be taught to honor. What a joy. I work Sam & Oz each morning in the field. Most days from the moment the dogs are released to the moment we return to the van, I will only use hand signals and an occasionally whistle to handle my best friends. At the home front, Sam dominates the Lazy Boy by making sure he gets on my lap before that newcomer Oz. This however, does not faze Oz, who has demonstrated a unique ability to go through things instead of around them. Having this unique talent, when Oz sees that Sam is on my lap, he will jump onto my chest to one up Sam. As you can gather from my tales, I love these setters and they are a testament to superior breeding. Keep up the good work Eric and Mardelle. Let me know if you need any more information from us.

Your friends,

Rhett & Laura Day

" Trooper "
  • Pup #3: Male
  • Sire: Tekoa Mountain Patriot
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Nicquel
  • Whelped: 01-24-06
  • Color: Chestnut & White
  • Temperament: Scrappy!
  • Owned by: Zach Higgins (email Zach)
    Reno, Nevada
Trooper Trooper Trooper

Hi Eric and Mardelle,

Amber, Patrick, and I would like to compliment you on your outstanding English Setters. Trooper is the best dog I have ever had and works like a dog much older than he is. He is very birdie, holds point extremely well and minds exceptionally. Every one that sees him work is amazed that he is only eight and a half months old!

One person in particular, my friend Tyler Curry, was wondering if you are planning any litters for this spring because he is very interested. Please let me know.

Again, thank you for an exceptional dog we love him to death.

Zach Higgins

Note: Tyler placed a deposit on a Patriot X Sunrays litter due to whelp in April, 2007.

Trooper at 8 months Trooper at8 months

Hi Eric and Mardelle,

Here are a couple pictures of Trooper @ exactly 8 months old on point at quail. I will try to send you a more recent picture in a few days.

Zach Higgins

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