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Feedback about "Patriot" & "Freckles" Puppies

" Scout "
  • Pup #1: Male
  • Sire: Tekoa Mountain Patriot
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Lassy
  • Whelped: 03-04-04
  • Color: Orange and White
  • Temperament:
  • Owned by: Kenneth J. Reid (email Ken)
    Edmonds, Washington
Hey Eric.

I just through I'd drop you an email update about Scout. I got Scout as a pup from you 5 years ago now and he has been an awesome dog. I'm sure most people think their dog is the greatest animal to grace the Earth, but Scout really is a fabulous hunting and family dog. Way back when I visited your place you said Patriot (your Jack) was easy to train and suggested a pup from him. Scout is all of that and his skill retention is nearly 100% with no need for constant training. In fact both of the Tekoa Mtn. dogs I have from you (the other one is Jack-Tekoa Mountain Chaos 11 years ago) are the only dogs who have learn on their own how to point birds (especially chucker) against the wind. I'm talking about winds up to 40 mph coming from behind but the birds are out in front 30 yards and both these dogs can track and point the covey on the other side of a rise, head up the whole time. I hit the field with other people that have been hunting for much longer than I have, but Jack and Scout are the only dogs that any of us have hunted over that have figured this out. This is not something that can be taught. Either the dog learns how to do it or he doesn't. You being around lots of dogs all the time might find this nothing new, but I'm amazed every time I see it. Scout put that skill to good use down on the Snake River this last weekend working the hillsides for chucker.

Attached are a few pictures over the years from pup to 5+ years old and in his prime.

Thanks for breeding a great dog.

Kenneth J. Reid

Scout as Pup Scout as Pup
Scout as a Pup

Jack and Scout Jack and Scout
Jack and Scout

Ken and Scout in 2008 Ken and Scout in 2008
Ken and Scout in 2008

 Scout at Snake River - Oct 2009
Scout at Snake River October 2009

Tekoa Mountain Budacis  -  " Bud "
  • Pup #1: Male
  • Sire: Tekoa Mountain Patriot
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Lassy
  • Whelped: 03-14-03
  • Color: Black and White
  • Temperament: Quiet, snuggly.
  • Owned by: Mark Avolio (email Mark)
    Brush Prarie, Washington
Bud Bud Bud
Hi All,

Wanted to update you on how Bud is doing. In a word he did fantastic during the season. He did better than I could possibly have hoped for and he has really started to range and he has continued to be a retrieving fool. We hunted about 42 days this last season and had the best chukar season ever and best season all round for that matter. We hunted all over Oregon and even made it to the Succor Creek area for the last weekend. Weather was perfect and we got into a lot of birds.

That last weekend Bud had several instances where he would go on point, a bird would flush but wasn't shootable for what ever reason, he would hold his point after the flush, another bird would flush and I would shoot it. One time he held a point after a single had flushed in front of him for a good 4 minutes while I walked past him looking for birds I had heard chucking. Came back to him and another single flushed which I shot.

Last day I hunted, Bud and Rebel and I left the truck at 8:30 in the morning kept hiking up the breaks of Succor creek towards Idaho. We limited that day and didn't get back to the truck until 5:00 pm. What a day!

And of course Rebel is doing great too. Hope you are all doing well too.

Mark E. Avolio, CPA

Tekoa Mountain Dakota  -  " Cody "
  • Pup #5: Male
  • Sire: Tekoa Mountain Patriot
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Lassy
  • Whelped: 09-09-03
Cody Puppy Picture Cody Relaxing at Home Cody in action

Cody is a 47 lb white/black/ticked male with a mostly solid black head and is the total package. He has a great nose, loves to honor, super personality, and is a natural retriever.

Cody competes in walking field trials in the National Shoot to Retrieve Association and after competing in the Midwest and Kansas/Missouri regions, Cody completed his championship on February 25, 2006.

Cody will run as big as you want or hunt at your feet on command. We shoot over Cody on wild pheasants, quail, prairie chickens, and sharp-tail grouse.

Cody is a son of All Age 5X CH Tekoa Mountain Patriot and is registered American Field and AKC. The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals evaluated Cody's hip/joint confirmation as excellent with no evidence of hip dysplasia.

Cody was trained and handled by Jim Gourley, owner of “Setter Dogs” in Beverly, Kansas.

Cody's strengths are: Broke - holds point, honors, retrieves at 10 months of age.
At competition level, Cody stays broke and is honoring with style in his gait & tail.

Charles & Patricia Thomas

Eric and Mardelle, I thought you would like to know that Cody took a second place with Mike Tracy and can now run all age open shooting. He is such a beautiful dog. Cody and Abby will be having pups around the 12th of October, 2007.



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