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" Skydancer Rockn' Time - Rockn' "
  • Pup #3: Male
  • Sire: Tekoa Mountain Outrage
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Prelude
  • Whelped: 01-02-07
  • Color: Black and White
  • Temperament: Spunky!
  • Owned by: Dennis Lutynski email Dennis
    Dousman, Wisconsin
Rockn' Rockn' Rockn'

I think we will call the new little guy Rockn' Time.

We have been working our derby dogs; during break time we bring out Rockn' and let him point some birds. He seems ready to go. He is on our radar, we will send reports. So far it's all good. Our people spend considerable time lovin him up!

Dennis Lutynski

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