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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The dog in the picture is a son of Ducati and Patriot. He is seven months old, hunting well and pointing birds. I kept a female from that litter and she is very special, not afraid of anything, very smart in her head and easy to learn, I love her much and look forward to working with her.

Best regards
Stein Helge

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Tekoa Mountain Setters - English Setter in Norway

I have to tell you that the litter from Ducati and Patriot was a very good litter. Five out of six was winning derby stake and the last one became second. My own female, Agusta, was winning a Shooting Dog trail on her first start in open class. Last winter she was RUC with 60 entries before she was 3 years old. So it seems to be a perfect mix with our bloodlines. All of them have turned out to be very good bird finders.

Best regard to both of you.

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