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Hello Eric and Mardelle

I thought you might be interested in seeing the attached pictures of two of my puppies from The Patriot X Blackstairs Cindy. These pictures were taken recently in Scotland where we did a grouse count for one of the keepers on the Beccleuch Estate in the Scottish Borders. We named the lemon and white dog Blackstairs Duke. This dog had seven finds on pheasant in the space of fifteen minutes. I was really thrilled with him as this was his first time on game. I then ran him on heather on the mountain and he had four finds on grouse in very heavy cover in the space of ten minutes. He had numerous finds after that for the remainder of our trip - a real bird finder. A very intense and stylish dog on game. The bitch in the attached pictures is Blackstairs Sioux. This was also her first time being introduced to game. She had numerous finds on grouse also and is a very fast and wide running bitch. I also had another puppy with me on the trip - Blackstairs Jessie - who is a tri color dog. This puppy is also very promising and stylish and had a number of finds on grouse. Unfortunately I do not have a picture for you of this dog. I will send you some further pictures of all the puppies from our next trip to Scotland which will be in July.

My friend, Kieran Walsh, also has two dogs and one bitch from the litter who are very promising. Kieran is very happy with them also. Another friend of mine, Eamon O'Grady, has a bitch who is very promising.

Chrisy Davitt
Hi. Hope ye both are in good health and are having a good time with your dogs; horses. I am just back from our trip in Scotland. Had a great holiday. Lots of grouse dogs, did real good. Very happy with Duke, Sioux. Entered Sioux in her 2 open trial 30 dogs. Had an ex run and an ex find on a covey of grouse. Got a 2 ex award. Sioux is now qualified and entered in the Irish championship on the 28/29 Aug 2010. Have also ran the duke in 3 open / 2 novice trials. Very happy with him also. Will send ye some photos of the dogs in Scotland.

Christi Davitt
Blackstairs Setters, Ireland

Hi Eric and Mardelle.

Hope ye are in good health, and to wish Eric good luck at the Ames trial. I ran Sioux in the Championship 27/28/ Aug 2010. There were 50 dogs entered. I had two dogs in the trial: Blackstairs Sioux and Blackstairs Belle. Sioux had a excellent find on the first day. Belle had an excellent run but no birds. Both ladies made the last 14 dogs for the second Day. Lost Sioux on her run, but was happy to run her in her first championship. Had a good run with Belle but no birds. Eamonn O,Grady's bitch, Blackstairs Yellow Knife, won an Open Stake Trial on Grouse in the Dublin Mountains. 30 dogs entered, she gave an excellent run and had an excellent find on Grouse. It was the first open trial of the year, his first win and a first win for the out cross dogs. So thanks a lot for your help and your hard work to make this all happen!

Yours in sport,
Christy Davitt

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