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Sire: Pacesetter's Equinox aka " Ted "
Dam: Tekoa Mountain Patriat aka " Jackie "
Litter #4 - Pup #4
Female - Orange and white - whelped 10:00am on 06-23-06
Right mask bleeding back to neck. Left mask with some white above the eye.
Tiny spot base of tail. Named: " Greecie "
Shipped to Athens, Greece on Nov. 7th 2006
Owner: Nikolaos Dimakos

October 2009:
Hello Eric and Mardelle, I hope you are ok I had long time to communicate but I have serious problems with my job, but, the last few months things are going better, so, I send you a few photos of my best field dog (my little girl Greecie), and one photo of my little boy.

Sincerely yours,

Dimakos Nikolaos

Greecie Greecie
Greecie Greecie

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