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Feedback about "Equinox" & "Jacky" Puppies

" MEG "
  • Pup #6: Female
  • Sire: Pacesetter's Equinox
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Patriat
  • Whelped: 02-21-07
  • Color: Chestnut Tricolor
  • Temperament: Big, strong, quiet
  • Owned by: Chad Lowery email
    Luka, Illinois
Meg Meg Meg
Can't remember if I sent you photos of Meg, but she is doing well and progressing nicely. She is used to her check cord and we are doing all the fun yard training. She is getting ticked up a little like her mamma. Just ready for season to start, she will be just old enough to go!


  • Pup #1: Male
  • Sire: Pacesetter's Equinox
  • Dam: Tekoa Mountain Patriat
  • Whelped: 02-21-07
  • Color: Orange and White
  • Temperament: Mr. Steady
  • Owned by: John & Connie McDonald email
    Austin, Texas
Snicker Snicker Snicker
Hi Mardelle and Eric:

Well, Snicker is finally in his new home in Austin, Texas. We arrived back Thursday afternoon. He is a pretty good little traveler. Geez, has he grown. I don't know what he weighed when we left, but my guess is that his weight has probably doubled since we picked him up at you place ... I know his size has! He is already spoiled which is something we'll have to deal with now that we're back. Our first vet visit was yesterday. He stole the hearts of everyone at the vet's office. All checked good first visit, and he received his second round of shots and got his new ID chip.

I mentioned earlier that our first night was a bit rough. Snick was scared to death. He did get sick in the car while we were on the way to pick up my wife at the airport. Later in the motel, he wouldn't drink, eat, move, cry, walk, etc., etc. Connie asked me if I had seen him walk yet! He slept the night thru outside of three little whimpers which were silenced by placing a hand down next to this crate and letting him sniff it. The next morning all was better, and continually got better as each hour passed. By the end of this day we were his. He was doing all things well, as any pup would do. We only made it as far as Klamath Falls, and made a marathon drive all the way to Long Beach, CA the following day.

Snicky stayed two weeks in Long Beach. We have a place in an old beach community where all the properties are only 30 feet wide, so it's kinda close quarters with all the neighbors. Here Snicker got to hone his personal and social skills. He met lots of new dog friends on numerous walks, and even met a cat or two that he was extremely interested in. I kept telling him that the cat might rearrange his little face if he got too close! Mostly he met all our human friends there and soon had them all eating out of his paw. Our grandkids and their friends were all taken by this cute little thing, especially at our granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party. All in all, lots of fun.

We left Long Beach last Wednesday and drove a long way to Van Horn, Tx., to start. This was a 14 hour trek covering about 950 miles. We arrived at home in Austin the second day only driving about 7 hours/430 miles. Snicker was really good the whole time until about an hour outside of Austin where he finally decided enough was enough and started letting us know he wanted to run. We were all very tired when we arrived, but even at that Snicker got to roam around our yard for a while getting a feel for his new digs. He has plenty of space to roam here, not like you have, but about 3 1/3 acres of which about one acre is enclosed by fencing. He and I will eventually wander the neighborhood and the woody areas below the house so he gets a better feel for the whereabouts of his home. Already his nose is sniffing out places to wander, but most important is his interest in birds which is pretty high already. We do have some critters here (coyotes and fox) that make meals out of little dogs and cats so we'll have to be real careful for a while.

Anyway, that's an update covering the past 2-plus weeks. I haven't downloaded any pics just yet, but will soon and I'll forward a couple of him to you when I do.

We'll be in touch regarding a second pup. I think we are both glad we didn't take two right now. It would have been difficult to give enough attention to two little ones while meeting their needs. I know you have a litter about ready to go now, but have you made plans for litters later this year yet? Connie would really like to have a tri color or a black and white male for the second one. We'll keep in touch. Hope all is well with you both.

John McDonald

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