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" Earl " on a pheasant

Eric & Mardelle,

Earl the Pearl, Duke of Earl, Goodbye Earl, yeah that's him on a pheasant, taken from ~50 yards back with zoom. I've seen him make many great ones, just haven't had a camera handy. Got a new one now so no excuses, except when I'm supposed to be handling and him not shooting pics. Since this photo was taken I've clipped his tail so it tapers to a point like Charlie's looks like a dagger, very stylish.

You know its funny, almost hate to tell you this, but I think I have it figured out. There were more people with setters than I expected at Stoughton and Mortlach. You probably know who some of these amateurs would be so I wont name names. They all wanted to know where Earl was from and of course I made a point of telling them and who his daddy is. I didn't see one dog that could run or point with Earl, including the adult all-age setters. In fact of the 6 or so adult all-age pointers I watched run at Mortlach, only one laid down a ground race like Earl did in his so-called shooting dog derby brace and that was only his second day there.

Anyways, my theory is they want a challenge. Just wait till Patriot wins the national! Then it'll be Earl's turn, ha-ha ...

" Earl " in training on 07-31-08 at McGinnis Ranch Kennels in Baker City, Oregon

Hi there Eric & Mardelle,

A few little things. Earl's been trialing at Stoughton SK and Mortlach SK. Both went sort of the same - open all-age derby first, his first time at each place, very hot when he ran and he was more shooting dog range with no birds. Shooting dog derby the next day both times - at Stoughton he runs very wide shooting dog with 2 gorgeous points, but a pro Roy Epp was there with about 6 broke dogs so Earl didn't get anything but I got a huge thrill.

I think I told you before he points like no dog I've ever seen in a trial or in the field, 'Fred Flinstone twinkle-toes' I call his style - he starts from 50 yards away sometimes, head as high as it will go without dislocating, his tail starts to come up the closer he gets, you can hardly see his legs move, more like he's on his tip-toes and he motors in on the bird, tacking back and forth across the wind in short little straight-line bursts of 3-10 yards (if you've seen a pheasant rooster run, it's sort of like that) until suddenly he locks on point with his tail dead straight and 12:00. It's really exciting because the gallery sees he's on a bird and it builds until he pins it. He did that twice at Stoughton but chased the birds after they flushed. I know, more work, more work ...

At Mortlach, where Patriot won the Dominion, he was mediocre in the all-age derby, but the next day in the shooting dog derby he proceeded to run a true all-age race in the heat, not that it did him any good of course but there were lots of jaws dropping at his speed and power over the country. He runs bigger every time out. When it was over this guy from Virgina offered to buy him from me, but of course I've having way too much fun with him to consider that.

Anyways, I guess no fall trials for the Tekoa Mountain crew. Hope Eric's recovery is coming along and all is well in kennels and stables. I'm curious about your plans to get Patriot ready for the National? With our big Canadian dollar, maybe I'll have to fly to Tennessee next February.

Talk to you soon... Doug

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